Study Circles

Study circles are regular gatherings of people interested in an in-depth and systematic study of the Bahá'í Writings. During these studies, the goal for the participants is to achieve three levels of comprehension. These levels are:

    gain a basic understanding of the meaning of the passages from the writings,
    apply some of the concepts in the quotations to one's daily life, and
    think about the implication of the quotations for situations with no apparent or immediate connection with the theme of the quotation.
The frequency and duration of each study circle are set by the group, and a facilitator serves to maintain the focus and pace. Every participant in the group also makes a commitment to action or service.

Study circles are not restricted to Bahá'ís; anyone may attend. There are several study circles covering a variety of subjects held all over San Antonio. To find a study circle near you, please fill out the Request Information form or call 1-800-22-UNITE.

More about Study Circles

The first study circle in a series of studies is entitled "Reflections on the Life of the Spirit." This study focuses on the themes of universal spiritual values, the power of prayer, and the spiritual life we live after departing from this world.

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