Junior Youth Groups (Ages 12 to 15)

“The program seeks to endow young people between the ages of 12 and 15 with the capabilities needed to effectively use “the word” as an instrument of their own transformation and the transformation of their society.”

Office of Social and Economic Development, August 2002

A Junior Youth Group is composed of approximately 5 to 15 participants, age ranging from 12 thru 14, who live in the same neighborhood or area. The Junior Yough Group serves as an environment of mutual support for its members through weekly gatherings where they:

    study an internationally developed curriculum that enhances language and expression development,
    engage in artisitc activites,
    plan and carryout service projects,
    participate in recreational and sports activities, and
    explore different cultures through crafts, history, music, and cuisine.
In addition, they may come together for special events or outings.

This age group represents “a special group with special needs as they are somewhat in between childhood and youth when many changes are occurring within them. Creative attention must be devoted to involving them in programmes of activity that will engage their interests, mold their capacities for teaching and service, and involve them in social interaction with older youth. The employment of the arts in various forms can be of great value in such activity.”

Universal House of Justice, Ridvan 2000

Junior Youth Group Curriculum
Breezes of Confirmation Walking the Straight Path Drawing on the Power of the Word

The curriculum has been developed to:

    enhance their power of expression,
    enhance their understanding of being a citizen in their local and global environment, and
    assist them to recognize the moral issues underlying everyday decisions and identify the moral implications of speech and action.

Jr. Youth Groups are facilitated by a team of Animators. The best Animators are those ages 18 -25 who can easily interact with this age group as mentors and role models. The goals of the Animators are to:

    foster their spiritual identity,
    empower them to serve humanity
    develop their power of expression
    enhance their spiritual and intellectual capacities
    help create a moral structure in their lives, and
    prepare them to participate effectively in the affairs of their community.

Most Jr. Youth Groups begin with one or two Jr. Youth who want to start one in their home. If you are interested in forming Junior Youth Group in your area and/or would like to train to become an Animator please contact us!

Contact: jryouthgroup@sanantoniobahai.org or call 210-341-5657.